Tampa Child Custody Attorney Donald L Gilbert on Co-Parenting Communication Applications

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Shared Parenting & Child Custody, Florida

Although equal custody or timesharing is not presumed in the FL statutes, and not always the case, Florida Courts have transitioned to parenting plans that lean towards a  50\50 timesharing plan. This is true for both divorcing parents and those who have or will be establishing legal paternity in Tampa Bay.  Part of our job as child custody attorneys is to provide our clients with tips and tools on how they can best make the transition into co-parenting. This applies both during your case and after a final order and parenting plan has been signed by a judge.

We understand that for some, shared parenting or the thoughts of shared parenting can create much conflict, angst and strife. When permitted to fester, this animosity can lead to even higher conflict which could result in losing timeshare. Making the transition to co-parenting can be undeniably emotional and this can often be seen and gauged in the way parents communicate with one another on messaging apps.

Talking Parents & Our Family Wizard Messaging Apps

Both co-parenting messaging applications offer a platform for communication between parents. With each, there is an opportunity to eliminate the “he said, she said” problems that parents often encounter in custody battles and co-parenting. They have both similarities and differences sharing one basic similarity as being “unalterable.” This means that unlike an email, text or chat message, your communication cannot be deleted or changed. In addition, the data logs can be used in child custody litigations. If you’re in a very high conflict child custody situation or where one parent is being abusive, both applications can be helpful. Our Family Wizard includes a demeanor log that calculates the tone of each parent.

Tampa Bay Child Custody Lawyers on the Best Interest of the Children

In child custody matters, Florida law and the courts look to the best interest of the children. Using co-parenting messaging applications can serve to reduce or eliminate a minor child’s exposure to certain high-conflict communications that may otherwise happen in person or over the phone. This is extremely important as the courts do look favorably upon the parent who shows a willingness to communicate and co-parent with the child’s best interest at the forefront. If you are interested in either of these co-parenting messaging apps, feel free to review them below.

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