Considerations when Divorcing in Tampa Bay

For most couples who are seeking a divorce in Tampa Bay, the decision to hire a divorce lawyer in Tampa is often done so in the midst of emotional turmoil. It’s highly beneficial to hire a lawyer who specializes in Florida family law and divorces in Tampa Bay. There are many lawyers in the area who practice family law, but they may not actually specialize in this area. Although most divorce cases settle out of court, should your case go to trial, it is wise to hire a divorce litigator who has extensive experience litigating family law matters in various Tampa Bay family court jurisdictions. Our family law firm is located in Hillsborough County but we represent clients who are divorcing in Pasco County  in Pinellas County as well as those who have a divorce case in the 13th Circuit Court in Hillsborough.

 Top Rated Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Your Divorce is Unique. Here are some areas where you may need the representation of a top rated divorce attorney in Tampa Bay.

Temporary Relief – If you and your spouse have separated and you are in need of temporary financial support while awaiting a final divorce settlement, an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer who specializes in filing these motions and litigating in family court can ensure that you are getting the support you need, especially if there are children involved. Temporary alimony, timesharing and child support can sometimes help you to transition until the final resolution of your divorce.

High Net Worth Divorces – If you and your spouse are divorcing, you may be wondering how you will reach a settlement because of the high net worth of one or both spouses. This is where hiring a Tampa divorce lawyer with experience in high asset divorces must be considered. Your divorce lawyer should have the experience and ability to provide you with services that are often needed in a high net worth divorce such as forensic accountants and be an aggressive litigator should your case go to trial.

Timeshare and Custody – In Florida, generally both parents will get equal timesharing with the children and a parenting plan must be established, however there are certain laws that apply and may be applicable to your unique case. If you share parental  responsibility, or you are creating, approving, or modifying a parenting plan there are factors that will be considered by the courts. A child custody lawyer in Tampa who understands and is experienced in Florida law and how it applies to timeshare and “custody.”

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