Tampa child custody - New Florida Legislation

Florida Law Safe Exchange & Parenting Plans 

Safe Exchange of Minor Children & Parenting Plans  Effective July 2024 In 2022, a Florida woman was killed after she agreed to a last-minute custody exchange. She and her 4-year-old daughter met the father in a restaurant parking lot. Soon after, Carli’s body was found buried in a shallow grave in Alabama. The father of the minor child has been charged. The incident sparked proposed legislation crafted in part by the Family Law Section of the Florida Bar initially died…

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Forensic Experts in High Asset Divorces

Forensic Experts & High Asset Divorce in Tampa Bay ? Related: Divorce & Business Valuations  Why You Need Them Unique Challenges in High Net Worth Divorces Tampa High Asset Divorce Attorneys Protecting Your Assets in a Divorce in Tampa Bay  Sports Divorce & High Asset Divorce Attorneys Tampa What to Expect in a High Asset Divorce    

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Change of Circumstances & Custody Modifications

Substantial Change of Circumstances & Custody Modifications Many things can change when you’re co-parenting. Situations in timesharing often ebb and flow. Some parents who share time can do so seamlessly, while others may have minor, unexpected situations that although are frustrating, do not warrant legal action. But what happens when a timesharing or custody situation becomes the new normal or has financial implications? Major (substantial) unanticipated changes in timesharing schedules and obligations can cause significant issues for the parent who…

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The Importance of Financial Disclosures When Divorcing

Divorcing in Tampa Bay & the Importance of Financial Disclosures Financial Disclosures are mandatory under Florida Law when divorcing. It’s important to provide as much documentation to your divorce attorney. This aides in completing an in-depth analysis of the party’s finances to determine marital assets and valuations. Learn more: Steps in contested and uncontested divorces in Florida  Related: Business Valuations and Why You Need Them  

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Exclusive use of marital home

Motion for Exclusive Use of Marital Home Florida

How to Obtain Exclusive Use of Marital Home in Tampa Bay & Florida Attorney Briana Pearson at Nilo J Sanchez & Associates PA  located in Tampa, Florida discusses some reasons and solutions for obtaining temporary, exclusive use of your marital home. Couples can enter into a mutual agreement or, if domestic violence, mental health or physical health is in question, motioning the courts for temporary, exclusive use of the marital home may be in order.   Family Law & Divorce Lawyers…

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Emergency motion for custody hearing, child custody and family law attorneys Tampa

Attorneys for Emergency Custody Tampa

Attorney Donald Gilbert on Emergency Motions & Child Custody Tampa Attorney Don Gilbert at Nilo J Sanchez & Associates PA Family Law & Divorce Lawyers explains when the courts might grant an emergency motion in Family court in Tampa. Family judges are hesitant to grant emergency hearings, even when there are accusations of child abuse. If you are a party to any type of emergency motion or emergency hearing such as in emergency motion for child custody, it is highly…

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Tampa prenuptial agreement lawyers

Tampa Pre-Nuptial Agreement Attorneys

Tampa Pre-Nuptial Agreement Attorneys Professional athletes, high net worth individuals and young professionals in Tampa Bay who are getting married will likely be advised to enter into a pre-marital contract. As well, their future spouse may also be advised to do the same. Doing so can be highly beneficial to all parties involved and can help them to avoid a high conflict divorce. Pre-marital contracts aren’t only for those with high assets.  Prenuptial agreements are becoming more common, particularly with…

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Child custody lawyer Tampa Don GIlbert

Child Testimony in High Conflict Child Custody Cases

Should Children Testify in High Conflict Child Custody Cases in Tampa Bay? Tampa Child Custody Attorney Donald Gilbert provides experienced legal insight into children’s testimonies in high conflict child custody cases in Tampa Bay and Florida. Child Custody & Family Law Attorneys Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas County If you are experiencing a high conflict child custody matter, please reach out to speak to a Tampa Bay child custody lawyer at Nilo J Sanchez & Associates PA Family Law & Divorce Attorneys.…

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Tampa divorce options

Florida Divorces & Options for Resolve

Types of Divorces in Tampa Bay & Florida There are basically four types of divorce (dissolution of marriage) in Florida and are as follows:   Simplified Dissolution of Marriage (Uncontested Divorce, no children, no alimony, parties agree ) Dissolution of Marriage without Children or Property Dissolution of Marriage with Property, but no Children Dissolution of Marriage with Children We provide sound legal counsel and options for divorcing couples. If you are looking to hire the best contested divorce attorney or…

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Tampa Family Law - Petitions, answers

Family Law Petitions, Answers & Deadlines

Opening & Answering a Divorce or Other Family Law Case in Tampa Bay, FL. Briana Pearson is an associate attorney at Nilo J Sanchez & Associates PA. Below, she discusses how a divorce or other family law case is opened in Tampa Bay. In addition, she explains what you need to do if you’ve been served a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage (divorce papers), paternity action or other lawsuits related to Florida family law. Further, she notes the reasons and…

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Tampa alimony - FAQs new Florida alimony laws

FAQ New Florida Alimony Law

FAQs – Florida Alimony & Divorcing in Tampa Bay If you are divorced or you are divorcing in Tampa Bay, you probably have questions about the new alimony laws in Florida. For over 30 years we’ve specialized in Florida Family Law. It’s fair to say “alimony” has been one the most contentious subject matters for those who are divorcing, and for those who have divorced. It took a decade and several failed attempts to overhaul Florida Alimony, but this year’s…

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Tampa Child Custody Attorney on New Florida Child Custody Law

Tampa Child Custody Attorney Addresses  Changes in New Florida Child Custody Laws As previously posted, Florida’s new child custody laws provide unmarried fathers and mothers equal parental responsibility (guardianship) once legal paternity is established. Associate Attorney Briana L Pearson at Nilo J Sanchez & Associates in Tampa expands on HB 1301 and changes to Florida Family Law that came into effect on July 1st, 2023. In this video, Attorney Brimler explains how it may effect parents who are establishing child…

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Tampa alimony - Florida alimony reform 2023.

Bill Seeks to End Permanent Alimony in Florida

Tampa Family Law – Permanent  Alimony 2023 This year has brought several changes to Florida Family Law including changes in child custody laws in Florida.  In a fourth attempt to overhaul Florida Alimony, another bill is back for consideration in the Florida Legislature in 2023. Proposed Changes in Permanent Alimony With three prior alimony reform bills that were vetoed, doing away with permanent alimony is once again the focus. This Bill proposes that divorced spouses would have a process that…

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Tampa family lawyers - HB97 Greyson's Law

HB 97 Florida Passes Greyson’s Law

“Greyson’s Law” Signed into Florida Law In an effort to safeguard children at risk of parental harm, HB 97 otherwise known as “Greyson’s Law” was passed by legislature and signed by the Governor.  First introduced and filed in the Florida State Senate and House In 2021, HB 97 was introduced and filed in the House and Senate. The bill was re-filed in 2023 as SB 130/HB 97. This bill is in response to the tragic death of 4-year-old Greyson Kessler,…

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Steps in Uncontested & Contested Divorces in Tampa Bay

Steps to Finalize a Typical Uncontested / Contested Divorce in Tampa Bay To get a divorce in Florida, either you or your spouse would have to have been a resident continuously in the state of Florida for at least six months prior to the time that you file your petition for dissolution of marriage. One of the most essential requirements to a divorce, is to determine whether you’ll need to hire a contested divorce attorney near your court jurisdiction in …

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