Collaborative Divorce Process

What is the Difference Between a Typical Divorce Process and a Collaborative Divorce in Tampa Bay?

There are some differences between a collaborative divorce and a traditional divorce process. For instance, if the collaborative process fails such as when one or both of the parties decide that they cannot reach an amicable decision, they can choose to end the collaborative process. When this occurs, however, the parties cannot continue to use the same attorney and must seek new counsel.  When opting for a collaborative divorce, couples are essentially filing for an uncontested divorce, as all disputes and agreements will have been negotiated during the collaborative process. It is important to understand your options when you’re divorcing. Consider Tampa divorce lawyers Nilo J Sanchez & Associates PA when you’re in need of a contested divorce lawyer in Tampa who offers more than one solution to settling your divorce. Providing options that will best serve the clients we represent is our commitment.

Collaborative Divorce Process in Florida

The Collaborative divorce process is designed to assist divorcing couples in settling their disputes out of court (without litigation) by utilizing attorneys, facilitators and accountants.  The collaborative divorce process still adheres to Florida Statutes with regards to equitable distribution, child support, child custody and alimony, with the exception that the collaborative team and the parties works together towards solutions and conflict resolution, in an effort to minimize the emotional stress and financial expense of litigation. There are important things to understand about the collaborative process should you decide to take that route.

Collaborative Law in Florida has Become a Popular Choice for Many Couples Especially in High Asset Divorces.

collaborative divorce floridaEach spouse who has agreed to the collaborative divorce process secures a collaborative divorce attorney then the process begins by individual and group meetings with attorneys, facilitators and accountants.  If necessary, outside experts are called in if deemed necessary.  Again, finding resolutions in high conflict custody cases through the collaborative divorce process can be the best option for the family as a whole.  Couples who choose to litigate child custody cases are often burdened by the expense and litigation always leaves the decision in the hands of the courts.  Once the parties reach an agreement, a judge will sign off on the final dissolution of marriage.

Collaborative Divorce Tampa Bay

Collaborative attorneys can provide effective mediation and guidance to their clients while efficiently working together to create amicable divorce settlements, avoid lengthy discovery and divorce litigation processes and proceedings.  If you are interested in the collaborative divorce process, please contact our family law office for more information.

In short, when you decide to hire a Tampa Bay Collaborative divorce attorney, the general idea is that you and your spouse are choosing to utilize divorce attorneys who work to reduce conflict, while working with each other cooperatively in a non-confrontational setting.

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If you wish to use a Tampa divorce lawyer who has proven and effective mediation skills, who will work towards the best interest of your family as a whole, and who offers experience negotiating marital settlement agreements, please reach out to us. Keep in mind we are seasoned divorce litigation attorneys in Tampa Bay should your case end up in court.





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