Contested Divorces

Contested Divorce

When divorcing in Tampa Bay and Florida, the divorcing parties must settle the terms of their contested divorce. This can be achieved by way of mediation, negotiations, marital settlement agreements or litigation (letting a judge decide.)  In accordance with Florida Divorce Law, the matters below must be settled in a contested divorce.

What Must be Settled in a Contested Divorce in Florida

  • Timesharing & Custody – Florida courts favor equal time-sharing between parents, however it is not presumed. The courts are to look to the best interest of you and your children when determining timesharing and custody, thus 50/50 timesharing is not guaranteed. Every case is unique. Consulting with the best Tampa child custody attorney for you is the first step to resolving custody and timesharing matters.
  • Property Division (Equitable Distribution) – Division of Assets in a contested divorce does not necessarily mean absolute equal distribution of liabilities and assets. There are many factors that your attorney will analyze and focus on to ensure the very best outcome.
  • Child Support – Florida law states that both parents are to financially provide for their children. The percentage of responsibility to each parent is calculated according to basic guidelines and the parent’s combined net income. When there is supporting evidence to do so, a judge can deviate from child support guidelines. If you are divorcing or you need to modify child support Tampa Florida Child Support Lawyer Nilo J Sanchez can represent you.
  • Alimony –  Both men and women can be awarded alimony in a Florida divorce. Marriages of long duration can result in an order of alimony if it is found to be appropriate. Periodic, durational and rehabilitative alimony may also apply.
  • Rehabilitative Alimony 
  • Durational Alimony 
  • *Permanent Alimony 
    * Permanent Alimony Eliminated in Florida as of July 2023
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    There may be other matters to be resolved which attorneys and judges often refer to as “everything else.” In short, in a contested divorce in Florida, when minor children are involved, the “PEACE” acronym is used to keep the matters that are to be settled in order ( Parenting, Equitable Distribution, Alimony, Child Support, Everything Else)
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    Contested Divorce Attorneys vs Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

    Anticipating a Contested Divorce in Tampa Bay, Florida?

    Divorce can be a highly emotional time for couples, especially in high conflict situations. When couples do not agree on all or some of the terms of their divorce, hiring an experienced Tampa contested divorce attorney is crucial to obtain the very best possible outcome. The cost of your divorce is also worrisome to divorcing couples. Attorney Sanchez & Associates are affordable Tampa Bay family law attorneys.  We represent clients in multiple jurisdictions. This means, our Tampa divorce attorneys can represent you in Lutz, Brandon, Apollo Beach, but also in Clearwater, St Petersburg and multiple Tampa Bay jurisdictions including Pasco County.  Please visit our locations page for more information or call us directly if you have any questions about a contested divorce in Florida.

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