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Upcoming holidays and school breaks, have a tendency to bring about stresses and changes for couples who are divorcing. Parents of minor children who do not co-parent amicably may have realized this even more during last few year’s and some are still trying to resolve differences and family legal matters that occurred during the pandemic. child custody, child support paternity, Tampa FLUnfortunately, parents can be so focused on their own stress, they can neglect to understand that timesharing issues, child support issues and other family law matters also affect your children. Children are extremely flexible, perhaps more so than adults. But, when there is conflict with one or both parents, it can become problematic for your children. If you have a history of conflict with your child’s parent such as not abiding by timesharing orders or in matters of past due child support, now is the time to take charge and find resolve.


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Timesharing ProblemsTampa child custody lawyer, Nilo J Sanchez can help you to find resolve by initiating focused, sound legal solutions. The following are typical timesharing and custody problems that may be resolved through the courts:

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Establishing legal paternity – If you would like to exercise your parental rights, establishing legal paternity as soon as possible will be the step in the right direction. If you did not establish paternity but have established a relationship and now mom is thinking about relocating long distance please call our office for a consultation. Read: Legal Paternity Parental Relocation Home State Rules

Child Support – In Florida, both parents are mutually responsible for the financial support of their children. If you need help with a child support matter, Nilo J Sanchez can help with the following problems that can arise.

  • Child support is based in part on how many overnights the children spend with each parent. Thus, timesharing matters are often intermingled with child support issues. If your child’s parent is not showing up for timesharing, yet is still benefiting from the credit for overnights, you may be able to ask the courts to modify your support. Alternatively, if you are paying support and your overnights have increased substantially, you may be able to modify your support order.
  • If you are owed past due child support, this can cause an enormous amount of stress for you. This makes it even more difficult knowing the holidays are approaching. An experience child support attorney can help you to take the steps needed when you are owed past due child support.
  • If you pay child support and you have fallen behind, or, if you have had a substantial and permanent change in circumstances, it is wise to hire a Tampa Bay child support attorney to represent you. Simply not paying your support can cause undue stress on you, your child’s parent and your children. Remember, even if you are behind on your support obligation, you cannot be denied court ordered timesharing with your children. Get a plan to ensure that the stresses of a changed circumstance are minimized for all involved. Remember, when you owe support, this may cause a great deal of stress on you, your child’s parent and your children who depend on your contribution. Consulting with Nilo J Sanchez can be the first step to moving into the year in a more positive light.

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    If you are divorced and you’re experiencing problems paying your alimony or receiving your alimony, it’s important to try to rectify this as soon as possible. Getting ahead of the problem is the best solution. You can’t change unforeseen events post divorce, and why it’s important to hire a Tampa divorce lawyer who is committed to getting your divorce settlement right the first time. Nilo J Sanchez & Associates PA Family Law & Divorce Attorneys provide options for divorcing couples. With over 30 years of experience, we have the expertise you need and deserve.

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    Nilo J Sanchez & Associates believes that there is no time like the present to address high conflict family law matters, particularly those that involve minor children. But, it’s no less important if you’re long divorced with pending issues such as enforcing or modifying alimony or enforcing other family law orders. If you’re considering divorce and have no children, you may still be feeling “stuck.” We understand this. It’s not unusual to feel like you don’t know exactly what to do or what a divorce will look like for you. Once you do, it can help you to move ahead more confidently.

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    Peace of mind and resolve can be as easy as consulting with Tampa Family Law Attorney.  A full consultation and case review can help you to fully understand  what legal remedies are available to you. Once equipped with legal counsel and advice, you can take the necessary steps to resolve which can create the change that you and/or your family need.

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