Emergency Pick Up Orders

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Emergency Pick Up Orders of a Minor Child(ren)

There are a variety of family law matters that could necessitate the filing of an emergency motion with the family law courts in Tampa Bay. One type of emergency motion that is commonly filed is a Motion for an Emergency Pick up Order of a Minor Child(ren). This action would be applicable if;

1. You are unmarried and have court ordered custody, timesharing and parenting plan and the other parent has not returned your child or children to you according to your current order.

2. You are divorced and have an court ordered parenting plan or long distance parenting plan and the minor child(ren) have not been returned in accordance with the court order.

3. You are the birth mother and your child was born out of wedlock but paternity has not been legally established. The father has removed or wrongfully detained the minor child(ren).

4. You are an unmarried father who has legally established paternity. A court ordered parenting plan is in place and the minor child has been wrongfully detained or removed without consent.

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Filing an Emergency Motion for a Pick up Order of Minor Children Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas County, FL

It is important to speak directly to a Tampa Bay Family law and child custody attorney to discuss your legal options if timesharing with your child or children are being interfered with. To find out if filing an emergency pick up motion is the correct response, please call 813-879-4600 to schedule a consultation with Nilo J Sanchez. Attorney Sanchez has over 26 years of experience in child custody and family law in Tampa Bay. You can be confident that attorney Sanchez will provide sound legal advice and take the appropriate legal action necessary based on your current and unique situation. Attorney Sanchez offers tenacious representation in child custody, timesharing and other family law matters that are negatively affecting you and your children. Mr. Sanchez’s sound legal counsel and representation coupled with his compassion for his clients has been proven effective and he works diligently to obtain the very best results possible for his clients and their minor children.

What happens if an Emergency Pick up Order is Granted

In Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco County, Florida, when an emergency pick-up order of a minor child(ren) is granted and signed by a judge, local law enforcement will be instructed to locate the person who has physical custody of your child(ren) and return the minor child(ren) to you.

Hiring a Tampa Child Custody Attorney for Emergency Motions Regarding Minor Children

When filing emergency motions in Tampa Bay’s Family Courts, it is highly beneficial to hire a Tampa child custody lawyer who possesses extensive knowledge and experience in Florida Family Law. Evidence and arguments must be presented to a Judge who will be deciding whether or not your emergency motion should be considered an emergency or if other options would be more appropriate. This is why hiring a top-rated Tampa Bay child custody attorney to represent you is crucial. When emergency motions are heard, the Judge who will be deciding your case takes highly into consideration that they are granting something without the other party being present. Therefore, it is imperative that he or she feels confident in their ruling.

Emergency Pick Up Orders of a Minor Child(ren) in Tampa Bay, FL

apollo beach divorce family law attorneyNilo J Sanchez has over 30 years of legal experience and knowledge in Florida Family Law and has practiced in the 13th Judicial Circuit Court in Hillsborough County and in the 6th Judicial Circuit in Pasco & Pinellas County. As stated previously, there are several types of Emergency motions that can be filed in Tampa Bay’s Family Courts.

If you have questions or concerns about filing for an emergency pick up order of a minor child or children, emergency motions for child custody or timesharing modifications, emergency relief for alimony or emergency relief for child support, please message us below or call today for a consultation.

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