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Do You Need to Hire a Tampa Child Support Attorney to Set or Amend Your Child Support?

It is required by Florida law that both parents provide financial support to their children. If you are considering a divorce, and if your spouse or the parent of your child is not providing for the financial needs of your child or children, you may be seeking the assistance of a Tampa child support attorney to advocate for you in court. Although it is not required that you hire a child support lawyer in Tampa, Florida to represent you in a child support case, you will either likely seek the assistance of the Florida child support enforcement (Department of Revenue) or you will be a pro-se litigant, which means you will represent yourself in court. Going into court without knowing Florida Family law or without a good understanding of your rights can be detrimental to your child support or custody case. Although there are guidelines, the Judge on your case has the ability to deviate from the guidelines based on information provided to the courts.

The amount of child support in Florida is based on Florida State guidelines and the amount will be determined by the Judge on your case. These guidelines are fairly straightforward and the courts will refer to the guidelines to set child support, but they are permitted to deviate from those guidelines. Each parent’s income, assets and time-sharing schedule together with the needs of the children and other information will help the courts to determine how much child support will be ordered to be paid. Because custody and time sharing is considered to be a determining factor in child support, often times a custody issue can ensue. When this happens, it is advantageous to have an experienced Tampa family law attorney on your side. Nilo J.Sanchez and Associates has decades of family law experience in the Tampa Bay area. Attorney Sanchez represents clients in child support or child custody cases in Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas County, Florida. A proven litigator and mediator, attorney Sanchez understands that each family law case is unique, and will use his experience, knowledge and skills to obtain the best results.

Temporary Relief – Getting Child Support in Tampa Bay, Florida

Often times, a divorce, paternity case or child support case can take time to settle. There are many different circumstances where you will benefit from hiring a Tampa family law attorney who can expedite a child support case by filing a motion for temporary relief for child support while the case is in progress. This is important not only for the parent receiving child support, but also for the parent who will be paying child support. If you depend on your spouse or parent of your child for financial support to make ends meet, Tampa child support attorney can help you to obtain temporary relief for child support which is crucial to the well being of you and your children. If you are a parent who should be paying child support and you wait until your divorce or paternity case is finalized, this could result in your child support obligation to begin with a retroactive amount of support included. This means that your order may start out with an arrearage on your support obligation. If you want to avoid problems with back due child support, it may be wise for you to hire a child support lawyer to advise you on how to proceed prior to your final settlement in a divorce or paternity case.

“In Florida the “noncustodial” parent pays each month an amount determined by the court based on Florida state guidelines. Income, assets, time-sharing schedules and the amount needed to maintain the children’s pre-divorce standard of living is considered if applicable.”

How Hiring a Tampa Child Support Lawyer Help Your Case

Hiring an Experienced Child Support Attorney In Tampa, Florida If you will be depending on child support to help you to financially support your children, then hiring the best Tampa child support attorney can be beneficial to your case to ensure that your rights are protected. Even though child support is based on specific Florida child support guidelines, it can be extremely advantageous to hire a child support lawyer to represent you. Advocating your case to the courts is imperative, especially during the initial phase of your case, because once child support or time sharing is ordered, it is often very difficult to modify child support unless there is a substantial and permanent change in your circumstances. This also is true of modification of time-sharing in Florida and modification of Florida alimony. Child support lawyer Nilo J. Sanchez and Associates represents clients in Tampa, South Tampa, Carrollwood, Brandon, Westchase, Wesley Chapel, Lutz and surrounding Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough County, Florida.

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Florida Child Support and Time Sharing – Protect Your Rights

If you will be paying child support in Florida, hiring a Tampa Bay child support attorney can be highly beneficial to your case. Tampa family law attorney Nilo J Sanchez and Associates will defend you and help to protect your rights with regards to your child support obligation but also defend your timesharing rights. Time sharing is directly related to the amount of support you will be ordered to pay, therefore, it is important that those rights are protected and that you exercise your time sharing rights.

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As mentioned above, if you will be paying child support, you do not want your child support order to start out with an arrearage. This can lead to financial and legal difficulties later on if you get  too far behind in your child support obligation.

Changes in Circumstances and Florida Child Support

Behind on Your Child Support in Tampa Bay, Florida? We Can Help. If you are already behind on your child support, it is important to contact a Tampa child support attorney who can defend you because sooner or later the State will likely file a lawsuit against you, especially if the payee is seeking assistance through the state because you have not been meeting your child support obligation. If you are not behind, but you believe that changing circumstances may cause you to become behind in your child support, don’t wait until that happens. Contact Tampa child support lawyer Nilo J Sanchez and Associates to see if it is possible to file a motion to amend your support obligation.

Modification to Increase The Amount of Child Support You Receive

If you have been receiving child support, but you have been faced with a change of circumstances such as illness, employment or income changes, or if you are aware that your ex has had a substantial and permanent increase in income that may increase the amount of child support that you should receive, please contact our office to schedule a consultation. Tampa child support lawyer, Nilo J Sanchez and Associates can advise you of your rights with regards to obtaining an upward modification of child support in Florida.

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