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If you are divorced or you are divorcing in Tampa Bay, you probably have questions about the new alimony laws in Florida. For over 30 years we’ve specialized in Florida Family Law. It’s fair to say “alimony” has been one the most contentious subject matters for those who are divorcing, and for those who have divorced. It took a decade and several failed attempts to overhaul Florida Alimony, but this year’s attempt resulted in changes.

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Every divorce is unique as are post-divorce situations that may qualify you for an alimony modification. If you’re concerned about how changes in Florida’s alimony law may effect you, consulting with an experienced Tampa area divorce and alimony attorney is your first best step to learning if and how these laws may effect you. In the meantime, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the new Florida Alimony Law .

Q: How does the new law effect permanent alimony in a Tampa Florida Divorce?

A: Permanent Alimony in Florida has been eliminated

Q: What types of alimony still apply in Florida divorce?

A: Four types of alimony may be awarded and they are as follows:

  • Temporary alimony
  • Bridge-the-gap alimony
  • Rehabilitative alimony
  • Durational alimony

Q: Can Adultery Be Considered When Determining an Alimony Award

A: Courts may be permitted to consider the financial impact of adultery by either spouse

Q: What is new the Law for Bridge the Gap Alimony in Florida?

A: Bridge the Gap Alimony will be based on “need and ability” but cannot exceed two years

Q: If awarded or ordered to pay Rehabilitative Alimony in Florida, how long will it last?

A: Rehabilitative alimony cannot exceed five years

Q: Does the new law make it easier to modify alimony?

A: Modifying alimony has been and continues to be possible depending on the type of alimony that you have. In other words, if your alimony was modifiable before, it continues to be modifiable. The new laws focus on retirement and supportive relationships and eliminates “unanticipated” change in circumstances requirements. Remember, your situation is different from any others. There are several factors that must be considered when modifying alimony. Consult with a seasoned Tampa divorce attorney for sound legal counsel and alimony case review.


Do You Have Questions or Concerns About Divorcing, Alimony or Modifying Alimony in Tampa Bay?

There are several changes in the alimony laws that aren’t addressed in our FAQs. If you’re concerned about how they may effect you, reach out to an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer at Nilo J Sanchez & Associates PA Family Law & Divorce Attorneys today. We offer affordable, comprehensive family law and divorce attorney services in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco County, FL. 

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