Florida Family Law Modifications & Covid19

We are in unprecedented economic times here in Tampa Bay and around the world. Millions are facing economic uncertainty because of the COVID19 pandemic. This includes parents and divorced couples in Tampa Bay who have existing orders for alimony, child support and timesharing. Many have been left to wonder how they will comply with their court orders and what the legal consequences will be if they cannot meet their court ordered financial obligations. Others have asked us what action they can take if they do not receive the financial support they depend on. This includes but is not limited to your alimony payment and/or child support payments. Additionally, some parents may be experiencing conflicts over timesharing and child custody. Because every situation is unique, it’s important to schedule a full and thorough consultation with Tampa Divorce & Family Law Attorney Nilo J Sanchez. Doing so will help you to determine what all of your legal options are.

Modifications of Final Judgements in Florida Family Law

Alimony child support modifications Tampa BayDepending on the nature of the award in the judgment, Florida Law allows for modifications of most final judgements including child support and most alimony awards. To be granted a modification it is important to hire an experienced Tampa divorce and family law attorney because in order to prevail in a modification action, the person seeking the modification must prove that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. Your lawyer must prove to the courts that the change in circumstances is permanent, involuntary, unanticipated and material in nature.

It is highly beneficial to consult with an Tampa divorce & alimony attorney if you cannot afford to pay your alimony or other court orders that are financial in nature. Not doing so may result in costing you much more in the future as well as other legal and financial consequences.

Timesharing and Relocation

Many parents have been doing a great job co-parenting during the COVID19 pandemic. However, as we have noted, some have been faced with legal action resulting in the modification of timesharing and custody. If you have any concerns about timesharing such as being refused the right to share time with your minor child or other concerns for the safety of your minor children, please contact Attorney Sanchez for a consultation. Remedies such as Emergency Pick up Orders and other legal actions may be an option. Should litigation be necessary, attorney Sanchez has been deemed a formidable litigator by industry peers and by the clients he has represented.

Parental Relocation with a Minor Child – Modifying Custody & Timesharing Tampa Bay, FL

Tampa child custody relocation minor childRelocation has been an alternative for some working parents who have been furloughed; however, if you are already in a proceeding or if you are subject to a court order; relocating a minor child without the court’s expressed permission can create substantial legal problems. If you’ve been offered an opportunity to relocate due to a job transfer or employment opportunity, it is highly recommended that you first consult with a Tampa child custody attorney, as under Florida law there are several relocation factors which must be addressed for the relocation to be granted.

If your ex has relocated or you believe they have plans to remove your minor child in excess of 50 miles from their residence listed in your current final order, please read: Emergency Motions: What to Do if Your Child Has Been Relocated without a Court Order.

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