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Tampa Child Custody Attorney Nilo J Sanchez and his associates, understand that child custody cases can be very emotional and often complex. Hiring a child custody attorney in Tampa to ensure that parental responsibility, timesharing or “visitation” and child support are handled by an aggressive family law attorney in Tampa Bay.

Mr. Sanchez has specialized in Florida Family law for 30 years. His knowledge in Florida child-custody law will be highly ben+eficial and his working experience in the 13th and 6th Jurisdictions in Tampa Bay valuable.  With Attorney Sanchez & Associates, you can be assured that you are hiring Tampa custody lawyers who are not only experienced in Florida Family Law but who specialize in it. Bottom line is that we take the steps to ensure that we are striving to provide the very best legal representation and counsel during your child custody case.

Child Custody & Timesharing

If you need an experienced divorce or family attorney in Tampa who will provide you with sound, legal counsel and aggressive representation in your child custody case, consider us. Nilo J Sanchez & Associates PA Family Law & Divorce Attorneys are located in Tampa and provide quality representation in a variety of areas that compromise Family Law. We possess the extensive experience you need, particularly in high conflict child custody cases. We know that your family is important to you and you deserve to be represented by a Child Custody Attorney in Tampa with experience in establishing paternity, timesharing and child support. In higher conflict situations, we can help you to enforce parenting plans or custody orders, modify parenting plans or child support or provide legal assistance in custody issues that involve domestic violence or domestic violence accusations.

Attorney Sanchez  & Associates can represent you in various modifications of child support and time sharing orders  including the parental relocation of a minor child or contesting a petition for parental relocation with a minor child.  If you have a family law matter that requires the representation of a custody lawyer in Tampa, Brandon, Lutz, Land O Lakes or in Pinellas County, FL, please reach out to us to schedule a consultation.. Our Tampa Family Law Firm will provide resolutions that are in the best interest of all parties involved.

Father's Rights, Tampa Bay FL,Protecting your parental rights while insuring that the children’s best interests are at the forefront takes a seasoned Tampa Family Law Attorney and one that understands the complexity of some child custody cases. We know that when parents are dealing with child custody and divorce it is often times a very emotionally charged time. It’s important to hire a Family Law Attorney in Tampa Bay who are experienced in Florida Family Law.  We specialize in Florida Family Law and represent clients who are divorcing with minor children, as well as those who are unmarried and need to establish paternity, time sharing and parental responsibility. This experience you should seek will be especially crucial if your case goes to trial. With decades of experience representing clients with high conflict custody cases, Nilo J Sanchez & Associates offer solutions and unprecedented family law counsel in Tampa Bay. [ct_spacer height=”30″]

Mediation in Child Custody and Time Sharing Cases in Tampa Bay

Mediation is required in any Tampa Bay child custody matter. You are not required to have your lawyer present, but it can be extremely advantageous to do so. Remember, when parents are divorcing or if you are an unmarried couple with issues regarding timesharing, it is important to try to mediate your issues fairly and without involving the children or causing an additional stress to your children. The courts appreciate parents who are willing to work together for the best interest of the children. We also know that litigation may also be necessary in some child custody cases. We are experienced family law litigation attorneys who will aggressively approach high conflict child custody matters with your best interests at the forefront.

Please call our office to schedule a consultation with child custody lawyer Nilo J. Sanchez to discuss your unique child custody case at 813-879-4600.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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