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Florida Statutes Child CustodyAlthough the majority of divorce and family law cases are settled out of court, when litigants cannot agree in full or in part to a settlement by means of negotiations and mediation, the case will go before a Judge. When this happens, it’s very beneficial to have an experienced family law litigation attorney to represent you.

At Nilo J Sanchez & Associates, we provide smart, sound and focused legal strategies and solutions to the clients we represent. We always put your best interests and desires at the forefront. So, whether you prefer to approach your divorce by way of a more  collaborative divorce process or by way of litigation and fighting for your rights for a fair and equitable settlement in court, we’ll be transparent and supportive every step of the way.

Litigation Experience in Tampa Bay Courts

It is highly advantageous to have an attorney who specializes in Florida Family Law representing you, should your case end up in court. Mr. Sanchez has over 30 years of experience practicing Family Law in Tampa Bay. Recognized as an effective mediator and skilled negotiator, he is also a formidable family law and divorce litigation lawyer.

What are some of the larger issues that spouses typically have more difficulty settling?

Alimony – Spousal support is typically one of the areas where some divorcing couples reach an impasse in negotiations. In Florida, alimony has been a contentious subject for years. But, until the laws change, if you end up litigating a spousal support award, the courts will award alimony based on the facts presented to them according to the current statutes. Your Tampa Bay divorce attorney must be knowledgeable in every aspect of the laws that govern alimony awards in Florida.
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Division of property and assetsEquitable distribution is required in all contested divorces in Florida. If you have high assets or if unequal distribution of assets may apply, Attorney Sanchez is skilled at negotiating or litigating this area of your divorce settlement. This is particularly true when couples will be experiencing a high net worth divorce or when business valuations are needed.

Tampa Bay Child Custody, Paternity Litigation Attorney

Child custody disputes can be resolved out of court whether you are divorcing or you are unmarried with children. If you’re experiencing a high conflict child custody matter, mediation will be a tool to settle many conflicts between parents. However, if you cannot, hiring a Tampa Bay child custody attorney with litigation experience will be highly beneficial.

Your Best Interests are Paramount

It is never guaranteed how the family courts will rule and no one can predict the outcome. However, an experienced Tampa family law litigation attorney will have a fairly good idea of what to expect in various jurisdictions. Every divorce is unique. Although the law is clear, Judges and attorneys who represent the litigants in the cases they hear are also unique different.

Whichever route is best for you and depending on the direction your family law matter will go, depends on many different circumstances including the personalities, mindset and goals of each party involved. We focus on your best interests every step of the way. Whether we are negotiating your marital settlement agreement or taking your case to court for litigation, you can be sure that Nilo J Sanchez & Associates has the experience you need and the transparency you can trust. If it is decided that litigation may be the best way to resolve issue, we won’t be hesitant or timid to fight for your rights.

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