Hiring a Tampa Divorce Attorney

Divorce. It can be a trying, emotional time for all parties involved. If you are divorcing in Tampa Bay and have minor children, it can be particularly stressful. Some of the top concerns for divorcing couples are as follows and we’ll discuss when you should consider hiring a Tampa divorce attorney.

Divorce and Timesharing – Florida

Worrying about how you, your spouse and your children will become accustomed to timesharing and how it will effect all involved is generally a top priority for couples who are divorcing. Florida law is pretty specific about timesharing but there are factors that can provide more or less timesharing to one or the other parent. An experienced Tampa divorce lawyer can help to ensure that the children’s best interests are protected with regards to child custody and timesharing.

Tampa Bay High Net Worth Divorce Attorneys 

The division of assets, calculating and managing child support as well as other financial issues must be settled. This process can be excruciatingly worrisome if you are trying to do this on your own. If your divorce is a contested divorce or a contested high net worth divorce, it can be even more crucial that you hire an experienced Tampa Bay divorce attorney . Now is the time when you generally would want a high asset divorce attorney who is familiar with the Tampa Bay courts to represent you. Whether you are a high net worth individual or divorcing business professional, hiring a Tampa Bay Divorce Lawyer can be highly beneficial particularly if you have separate property, a business or investments.

No Fault Divorce?

Florida is typically considered a “no fault” divorce state. Try explaining that to a spouse who has been hurt by the actions of the one they love. If one or both spouses have been offended, often one or both may not be in a position to rationally decide or agree upon what is best for their family. Typically, one or even both parties will have a difficult time letting go and one or both will walk away feeling defeated.

Most people aren’t prepared for what happens in Florida divorce court. An experienced Tampa divorce attorney will be able to walk you through the process of what to expect. It’s helpful to try to keep in mind that you were once a family, and you are now a family in transition—especially when children are involved. Children will be the common bond between spouses who are divorcing long after the final divorce judgment is entered.

Hiring the Best Tampa Divorce Attorney For YOU

So, how do you know when it’s time to hire a Tampa divorce Lawyer to represent you in the areas of timeshare, custody, child support and the division of assets? The answer is that usually, one spouse will initiate a divorce lawsuit against the other, prompting the defendant to either act as a “pro se” litigant or to hire a divorce lawyer to represent them in court.

A divorce lawsuit can be initiated with or without hiring a Tampa divorce lawyer, but most people find that unless it is a very simplified divorce, hiring a lawyer will be beneficial. Finding the best lawyer means finding the best lawyer for your particular needs. Nilo J Sanchez & Associates will work towards your goals and obtaining the best possible results. Whether through mediation and negotiations or litigation should your case go to court, attorney Sanchez & Associates have the knowledge and experience that you can trust.

When Should You Hire a Tampa Divorce Attorney?

The party who is served with divorce papers (petition for dissolution of marriage) will have a limited time to respond to the lawsuit against them so it is important that they are able to rationally provide the appropriate answers to the courts in their defense. Frequently, the already stressful situation prevents the defendant from being able to do so. Along with your answers, certain financial disclosures must be provided to the courts within a certain amount of time. Providing the proper information can help or hurt your case. If you have been served with divorce papers and don’t know what to do, get help by calling a divorce attorney as soon as possible. For a consultation call 813-879-4600.

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Divorce Lawyers Specializing in Florida Family Law in Tampa Bay for Over 30 years

The truth is, is that most people do not have experience or understand the complexity of Florida family law and the rules of procedures. Those who try to represent themselves especially if the other party has legal representation, may end up losing assets they’ve worked hard for or even worse, you could end up with limited timesharing or less than ample child support.

Divorce & Alimony

For couples in longer term marriages with grown children or no children, alimony can become a source of great concern. Do you simply agree to pay your spouse or should you try to mediate and come to a fair resolution? Utilizing an attorney who has experience in both negotiating marital settlement agreements and in divorce litigation in various Family court jurisdictions in Tampa Bay is highly beneficial. Spouses who can come to fair and rational agreement when divorcing can often fair better, because the alternative is letting the courts decide. Most divorces do settle out of court and Attorney Sanchez & Associates effectively uses his mediation skills, which in many cases has been the best way to come to agreements that must be made.

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Nilo J Sanchez  & Associates are Tampa divorce attorneys   are known for the ability to help divorcing couples come to fair and reasonable resolutions, including litigating difficult child custody matters, timesharing and high net worth divorces when called upon. We represent couples who need an experienced divorce attorney in Pasco County, Pinellas County and Hillsborough County, FL.

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