Florida Alimony Quick Facts

Alimony, child support and the division of assets and liabilities, tend to be the most concerning aspects to divorcing couples in Tampa Bay. Both men and women are entitled to seek alimony in Florida and both can be ordered to pay alimony in a Florida contested divorce. If you are divorcing or have been served with a petition for dissolution of marriage in a contested divorce, it would be wise to seek out the legal counsel and representation of an alimony attorney in Tampa Bay.

  • IMPORTANT UPDATE 2023 – If you’re divorcing or if you would like to learn how the new Florida Alimony Laws may effect you, reach out to Tampa Contested Divorce Attorneys Nilo J Sanchez & Associates PA to schedule a case review. 

Types of Alimony that Can Be Awarded in a Florida Divorce

  • Rehabilitative Alimony – Awarded to assist a party in establishing self-support after their divorce is final.
  • Durational Alimony – Awarded when permanent periodic alimony is not an option.
  • ** Permanent Alimony – Frequently (was) awarded in marriages of long duration.
  • ** 2023 Florida Law Eliminates Permanent Alimony

Florida Alimony FAQ’s

Question: What does Florida Law say about Alimony in Florida Divorces?
Answer – Florida Statutes Govern Alimony Laws in Florida. Florida laws regarding alimony can be found there, but if you have specific questions as it relates to your divorce, you should consult with an experienced Tampa alimony lawyer.

Question: I have been married for 26 years and never worked but we have considerable assets. Will I be awarded permanent alimony?
Answer: When couples have high net worth and have a long duration of marriage, if alimony is awarded it could be awarded as permanent alimony. Every case is unique, thus, it is crucial to consult with a high net worth divorce and alimony attorney who can advise and represent your best interests.

Question: I was a stay at home Dad and my wife worked. Can men get awarded alimony in a divorce?
Answer: Yes. In Florida both men and women can be awarded alimony.

Question: I will likely be awarded alimony in my divorce because I never worked and married for many years.  Because we are retired and older, how would I make do if my ex-spouse dies after the divorce is finalized?
Answer: Your Tampa divorce attorney could recommend petitioning the courts for an order of alimony, and also ask the courts to order your ex to secure the alimony by purchasing or maintaining a life insurance policy, bond or other method of security.  It will be up to the courts however, and they may or may not order the payor to secure your alimony payments.

Question: Is it possible to modify alimony in Florida once it’s been ordered by a judge? I have had a change in my health and financial situation since I was divorced.
Answer: Modifications of alimony are possible post divorce. Please consult with an experienced Tampa alimony modification attorney who can determine if modifying your alimony is possible. It is much better to try to get your alimony modified, rather than for you to stop paying your alimony.


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