Mother’s Rights

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In Florida, the statutes are very specific as to time-share child (custody) and both the mothers’ and fathers’ rights and responsibilities are addressed. If you are divorcing with minor children or if you have already divorced, your ex may be infringing upon or interfering with your parental rights. If you are experiencing a conflict with the other parent of your child, it is best to promptly consult with an experienced time-share child (custody) attorney in Tampa Bay to mitigate further conflict.

Protecting Mother’s Rights

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Frequently, a biological father will wish to establish paternity and time-share (custody) when the child is older. This can be extremely unnerving for a mother who has had the sole financial responsibility and time-share of the minor child.



It is important that mother’s understand their rights and their responsibilities if a paternity action is filed. There are numerous factors that the courts will take into consideration in paternity cases and divorce cases where time-share (custody) is in question, including, but not limited to:

  • History of domestic violence
  • Father’s relationship with the minor child
  • Financial stability
  • Substance abuse
  • Criminal history
  • Best Interest of Child

Mother’s Child Custody Rights

Your parental rights are probably the most important right you will ever fight to protect. When a parentTop rated Tampa Family Law Attorney
feels that their relationship with their children may be threatened in some way, or if the children are being negatively affected by high conflict, it can be worrisome at best. It is important to understand that the courts do not rule based on a parent’s emotion, but, they look to the best interest of the child in any time-share child (custody) case. Although the courts do consider high conflict factors, in paternity and also in divorce cases, there is a high burden of proof upon the parent who needs to protect their parental rights or the best interest or safety of the minor children. It is very important to understand the differences between sole parental responsibility and timesharing and to know what your options and legal strategy and solutions should be. Seeking experienced legal counsel is highly recommended in any time-share child (custody) case.

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Attorney Sanchez has 30 years of experience negotiating and litigating family law matters in Tampa Bay. We understand that the most amicable of time-share child (custody) cases, can still produce a very high level of emotion and conflict. If you wish to protect your parental rights and the best interest of your children, hiring an honest, solution oriented time-share child (custody) attorney in Tampa Bay is crucial.


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