Tampa Family Law – Permanent  Alimony 2023

This year has brought several changes to Florida Family Law including changes in child custody laws in Florida.  In a fourth attempt to overhaul Florida Alimony, another bill is back for consideration in the Florida Legislature in 2023.

Proposed Changes in Permanent Alimony

With three prior alimony reform bills that were vetoed, doing away with permanent alimony is once again the focus. This Bill proposes that divorced spouses would have a process that would permit them to seek alimony modifications when they retire. According to a Hillsborough County Magistrate, this Bill (unlike prior) proposals would not require judges to modify alimony payments when someone retires.

“The bills would allow judges to reduce or terminate alimony, support or maintenance payments after considering a number of factors, such as “the age and health” of the person who makes payments; the customary retirement age of that person’s occupation; “the economic impact” a reduction in alimony would have on the recipient of the payments; and the “motivation for retirement and likelihood of returning to work” for the person making the payments.”

Source: https://www.tampabay.com/news/florida-politics/2023/03/21/alimony-divorce-permanent-wives-child-veto-bar/

Florida Rehabilitative Alimony Proposed Changes 2023

There are several proposed changes, and in addition to permanent alimony, rehabilitative alimony would also see changes including but not limited to:

    • Setting a five year limit on rehabilitative alimony
    • Making marriages less than three years ineligible for rehabilitative alimony
    • Marriages 20 years and over, eligibility for rehabilitative alimony payments would be up to 75% of term of marriage

Learn more about the new proposed changes in Florida alimony or track the bills below:

(SB 1416
HB 1409)
CS/SB 1416: Dissolution of Marriage
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    Tampa Family Law - Permanent  Alimony 2023
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