High Net Worth Divorces in Florida

High net worth divorces come with specific and unique challenges to each couple’s situation. There are a several aspects to consider in any contested divorce in Tampa Bay. For individuals with high assets, divorcing can be an incredibly complex and lengthy process. It’s crucial to hire an Tampa divorce attorney who has the resources you need to reach your desired outcome. Whether by way of negotiating marital settlement agreements, collaborative processes or through divorce litigation if it becomes necessary, Attorney Sanchez & Associates has what it takes to represent you in contested, high asset divorces.

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In Florida, High asset divorces are subject to the same Florida Statutes regarding contested divorces. There are matters that must be settled in a contested divorce, and extensive or above average assets generally require additional support and resources that Nilo J Sanchez & Associates possess.

Listed below are a few differences and similarities that will be considered in both contested and high asset divorces:

Duration of Marriage 
Temporary Relief
Minor Children
Child Support/Custody & Timesharing
Pre-nuptials or Post-nuptials
Property & Asset Division
Equal and Unequal Division
Business Valuations
Forensic Accounting
Discovery/ Marital Spending/Dissipation of Assets
Retirement Accounts

Focused, Legal Strategies & Solutions for High Net Worth Couples in Tampa Bay

The attorneys at Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates have decades of experience representing divorcing couples. When you need a high net worth or contested divorce attorney in Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough County, FL  you should look for the best divorce attorney for your specific needs. We offer personalized, focused legal strategies and solutions for divorcing couples with high net worth or higher than average assets and understand your uniquely different circumstances.

For instance, younger couples with high assets may not have the duration of marriage over 50 high net worth divorce lawyer that an over 50 divorcing couple has. You may or may not have minor children to support but you may have alimony to consider. Perhaps you have spent a lifetime acquiring wealth and security for your family and you’re now retired. If you’ve been married for a long duration, your alimony settlement may look significantly different than a younger counterpart. Prenuptials or post nuptials can also dictate what your settlement will be. In short, every divorce is unique and although the Florida Statutes have established what must be settled, the road to reaching a settlement can look very different.

What Can you Expect when Settling a High Net Worth Divorce?

We’ve addressed the very basics in what to expect in a high net worth divorce but there may be several relevant factors that the courts might address and consider in an effort to bring about equity and justice between the divorcing couple. We work diligently for the clients we represent to achieve a final judgement that looks to your best interests and a secure and safe future. We can achieve this through collaboration, marital settlement agreements or divorce litigation.

How Will a High Net Worth Divorce be Finalized?

Finalizing a contested high net worth divorce in Florida can be a long process. When there is high-conflict plus substantial assets this process can become contentious. It’s important that your attorney has the skills to adequately communicate with your spouse and their counsel, whether they are agreeable or combative. Couples who start out wishing to divorce amicably may opt for negotiating a marital settlement agreement. If however, the focus changes during this process, Tampa Bay divorce attorneys Nilo J Sanchez & Associates have the litigation experience required to adequately represent you.

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