How Are Matters Settled in Contested Divorces in Tampa Bay

If you’ve reached this page, chances are you are contemplating divorce, or you’re looking for a contested divorce lawyer in Tampa Bay because you’ve been served with a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. If this is the case, and you’re wondering what must be settled in your divorce, you can read: What Must be Settled in a Contested Divorce in Florida.  Once you understand what must be settled, you will better understand the order in which matters will be resolved and how the PEACE acronym is utilized to maintain that order.

What does the PEACE Acronym Stand For in Florida Family Law & Contested Divorces?

In Florida, “PEACE” is an acronym used by attorneys and judges to help them to keep order to the matters that must be resolved in every contested divorce with minor children present. PEACE in short stands for:

P” Stands for Parenting – Matters pertaining to child custody, parental responsibility, parenting plans, long distant parenting plans, timesharing and decision making for the minor children.

E” Stands for Equitable Distribution – Equitable distribution is the fair and equitable (not equal) division of marital assets and liabilities and the setting apart of non-marital assets and liabilities. This can be fairly straightforward, or there can be high conflict or high assets to be considered, negotiated or litigated.

A” Stands for Alimony – Depending on the length of the marriage and other factors, alimony may be awarded to either party in a contested divorce.

C” Stands for Child SupportChild support will be calculated according to the child support guidelines. Income, timesharing, overnights and other factors will be considered for both parents. Either parent can be ordered to pay child support.

E” Stands for Everything Else – There can be a variety of issues to resolve in a contested divorce, and anything that isn’t included above, falls into this area including attorney’s fees and costs. Other matters of importance such as Who Gets the Pets in a Florida Divorce may also fall under this area.

As you can see, the PEACE acronym accurately reflects the matters that MUST be resolved in every contested divorce in Tampa Bay where minor children are present.

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    Tampa Bay Divorce Attorney  Explains the "PEACE " Acronym Used in Contested Divorces.
    Tampa Bay Divorce Attorney Explains the "PEACE " Acronym Used in Contested Divorces.

    Tampa Bay Divorce Attorney Nilo J Sanchez explains the acronym "PEACE" that is used in Florida Family Law. The "PEACE" process is used by attorneys and judges alike in keeping the order of matters that need to be settled in a contested divorce in Florida.