Child Support

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Top AVVO Rated Tampa Child Support Attorney Nilo J Sanchez Jr. located in Tampa, Florida often assists clients with the establishment of child support as well as with the enforcement and modification of child support orders. In determining child support, the court looks to many factors including, but not limited to each parties’ net income and the time-sharing schedule of the child between the parties. Under Florida Law, both parents are required to contribute towards the support of their children. You should make sure you consult with an experienced child support lawyer in Tampa to fully comprehend all aspects of child support as it relates to your child support case.  We represent clients who need a Hillsborough County child support and child custody attorney as well as those who need the best family law attorney for them in Pasco & Pinellas Jurisdictions.

Do You Need a Child Support or Child Support Modification Attorney Tampa Bay, FL ?

Mr. Sanchez  is able to assist clients in obtaining the child support amounts he/she is entitled to under Florida law, either through negotiations or in a contested court hearing. Attorney Nilo Sanchez assists his clients in obtaining court-approved child support modifications when their economic circumstances substantially change since the entry of the Final Judgment. When a parent’s economic situations change substantially, it may be possible for that parent to modify their child support by filing a Supplemental Petition for Modification of child support.  Additionally, substantial changes to a parent’s time-share schedule may also warrant and justify a modification of child support .

The court reserves jurisdiction (authority) to enforce child support.  By filing a Motion for an Order of Contempt and/or Motion for Order of Enforcement, Tampa Child Support Attorney Nilo Sanchez is able to seek for his clients court enforcement of the ordered child support obligation by requesting the court to impose punitive measures against the non-paying parent.  The punitive measures could include but not limited to an order remanding the non-paying parent to a sentence of incarceration and could also include an award of attorney’s fees and costs against the non-paying parent.

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