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Child Custody Timeshare Attorney, Tampa

Tampa divorce & Family law attorneys Nilo J. Sanchez and Associates have been handling child custody and timeshare cases for over 25 years in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. Child Custody as well as visitation are a major focus for our Tampa Family Law firm. If you need legal representation by a child custody and timeshare attorney in Tampa Bay, contact our office today for an appointment.


Tampa family law and child custody attorneyFlorida Law Regarding Timeshare and Custody

Timesharing and child custody is governed by Florida Statute 61.13, which sets forth the factors the court considers when determining the child’s best interests. Florida has changed its child custody laws, steering away from traditionally what was known as primary residential custody. Currently, both parties create a parenting plan which fosters everyone’s best interests. The children may live with one parent one week, another the next, depending on their school routines and ability of the parents, or if a long distance parenting plan must be established, one parent may retain majority time-share, and the other may have timeshare one long weekend per month, with the majority of summer and spring vacations with the children. In extreme cases, the court shall order sole parental responsibility for a minor child to one parent, with or without time-sharing if it is in the best interests of the minor child.

Florida Courts and Timeshare Determination

Typically, when the courts determine matters relating to timesharing, it will include the time sharing schedule arrangements including dates and times the child or children will spend with each parent, including holiday schedules. The court will determine who will be responsible for health insurance, and among other things, the court will the address that will be used to determine boundaries for school registration. The courts will also want to know the methods of communication that will be used to communicate with the children. In ordering  parental responsibility, the court may consider the expressed desires of the parents and may grant to one party the ultimate responsibility over specific aspects of the child’s welfare or may divide those responsibilities between the parties based on the best interests of the child. Areas of responsibility may include education, health care, and any other responsibilities that the court finds unique to a particular family.

Timeshare and Parenting Plans

The best parenting plan allows for flexibility and fairness. Attorney Nilo J Sanchez & Associates spends time with his clients to ensure they understand how Florida child custody laws affect their individual situations. Mr. Sanchez understands that standard timesharing may actually not be in the best interest of some children and he will advise his clients as to the best course of action to take. It is important to understand that there are very specific laws with regards to both endangering a child’s welfare or making false claims to the courts in an effort to prevent one or the other parent from enjoying time with their children. Mr. Sanchez will always take the best interest of your child at heart first and foremost and will work aggressively to fight for the rights of mothers, fathers and most importantly, the children involved. Every family and case is unique, and it is important to get advice from an experienced Tampa timeshare and child custody attorney so you can be prepared when you go to court. Once timeshare and custody is established, you must show substantial changes should you wish to modify a timeshare order. If you are in need of a Time Share Attorney in the Tampa area, please make an appointment to speak with Attorney Sanchez at 813 879 4600. Mr. Sanchez is skilled at working with his clients to ensure that the best interests of the child are maintained while serving the needs of the entire family.


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