Child Support in Florida

Family law attorney Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates has been handling child support cases in Florida for two decades in the Tampa Bay area. Our Tampa family law firm can represent you in a child support case in Tampa, New Tampa, South Tampa, Carrollwood, Wesley Chapel, Lutz, Land O Lakes, Brandon or anywhere in Tampa Bay.  Attorney Nilo J Sanchez represents clients in family courts in Hillsborough County, Pasco County and Pinellas County. If you need immediate assistance with a child support case, a petition for modification of child support or if you need an attorney to defend you in a Florida child support enforcement or contempt case against you, call our office.

Child Support in Florida / It’s the Law

Whether you are unmarried or married in Florida your child is entitled to be financially supported by both parents until the age of 18. Florida law presumes that both parents are to be financially responsible for their children and there are guidelines set in place to help you get the support your children deserve.  If you are divorcing, then as your attorney child support and timesharing will be apart of the family law case I will be representing you in. However, if you are unmarried , the Florida Department of Revenue can also help you with child support and enforcement issues. Often times, it is a slow process because of the number of cases they handle. If you need immediate assistance, it is generally best to consult with a Tampa child support attorney who can represent you in establishing support for your child or children.

The first thing the courts require is that there is an establishment of paternity.

If you need to obtain child support, custody or timesharing, or you are a divorcing couple who will need a skilled Tampa family law attorney you can count on the family law firm of Nilo J Sanchez & Associates.  Attorney Sanchez can represent you in all areas of family law including establishing paternitychild support, modification of child support and enforcement of child support.

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