Enforcement of Orders Post Divorce

Enforcing Divorce & Family Law Court Orders in Tampa Bay

Enforcing court orders, whether those derived from a divorce settlement or when couples are unmarried but share parenting time can depend on the nature of the issue at hand. We’re going to focus on the following areas that may relate to one or both situations which fall under the powers of the court. In Tampa Bay and Florida if a party refuses to comply with a court order post-judgement in a divorce or child custody matter, you are entitled to ask the courts for relief.


Areas of Divorce Settlements that are Subject to Enforcement

Child Support – Once child support is ordered it is possible that you will have to enforce it or find yourself in a situation where you’re being brought back to court on an enforcement order. Whether you have been ordered to pay child support or you are the recipient of a child support award, a Tampa family law attorney will be highly beneficial in representing you in an any enforcement or contempt matter in Tampa Bay’s Family Courts.

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Alimony – Again, just because there is an order, it does not guarantee compliance. Alimony is enforceable and non-payment can create financial and legal problems for the one who is not in compliance as well as financial problems for the party who depends on it for support. If you have an alimony enforcement matter that requires legal counsel and representation, reach out to us. We have over 30 years of experience in Florida Matrimony & Family Law. If you need an Alimony Attorney in Tampa, Pinellas or Pasco County, FL, reach out to us. We can help you to navigate any post judgement issues such as alimony enforcement or modification of alimony in Florida.

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Enforcement of Parenting Plans/ Child Custody

Matters that are not financial in nature can be enforced. Whether you are divorced or unmarried and co-parenting, there are steps you can take to seek relief when parenting plans are not being followed. If you are being denied timesharing with your child, please read the information below. If you need help with enforcing a parenting plan, please call our law firm to schedule an affordable consultation. Telephone: 813-879-4600

Enforcing Timesharing (Parenting Plans) & Custody Orders

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