Women who Pay Spousal Support on the Rise in Florida

Typically, when the subject of alimony is brought up, people assume that women are the sole recipients and men are being saddled with lifetime alimony payments to their ex-spouses. In Florida, there are three types of alimony that are typically awarded.

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In Florida divorces, alimony is based upon not only the duration of marriage, but also based upon the need of one party, the ability to pay by the other party and in consideration of the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage on marital economics. Simply put, this means that in part, alimony may be awarded to the person who was the lesser earner in the marriage. Women are increasingly becoming the main bread winners in families. Additionally, there has been a growing number of stay-at-home Dads. Alimony awards to men are becoming more common in Florida divorces.

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Lifetime Alimony & Spousal Support Debate ENDS.

In Florida, the debate ends as to the fairness of what some have call ed “lifetime” alimony awards. Year after year, both women and men have been fighting to change Florida alimony laws, and as of July 2023, permanent alimony awards in Florida will be a thing of the past. To ensure that your alimony settlement is in your best interest, is to hire an experienced divorce attorney.

A Woman’s Financial Future & Divorce

If you are a divorcing professional woman and you have been the sole bread winner, it is highly beneficial to hire a Tampa family law attorney with extensive experience in negotiating and litigating the terms of divorce issues. The terms of your alimony award may be the single most important aspect of your divorce settlement. In addition to this, division of assets, taxes and if applicable, child support, must be addressed in a manner that protects your future financial best interests.

Legal Solutions for Divorcing Women in Tampa Bay

Attorney Sanchez offers focused legal solutions and representation to the clients he represents. Successful divorce negotiations result in settlements that take your future financial health into account. Modifying alimony can be very challenging and it must meet the legal criteria to be considered. Therefore, “Getting it right the first time” should be the focus of any divorce attorney who represents you. Nilo J. Sanchez will fight to ensure that the appropriate legal strategies are implemented. If you are ordered to pay alimony, it must be based on the laws set forth under the Florida Statutes.

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