Holiday Timesharing & Visitation Conflict

With the holidays approaching, we understand that it is not always a happy occasion for parents and children who share time. Conflicts can be expected for some co-parenting moms and dads, but even parents who otherwise share time with their minor children amicably, the holidays can spur strife.

Any prior, ongoing timesharing struggles bring a greater amount of stress, frustration and strife for all involved but particularly the children. Although parents struggling with parental rights and visitation experience emotional turmoil, the best interest of the minor children should always be paramount.

Tampa timesharing lawyersWhen there has been a history of conflict, no shows or if your ex is withholding your holiday timesharing, there are legal solutions. Chronic abuses of court ordered parenting plans that are left unaddressed usually do not improve. This can effect the relationship you have with your minor children and their extended family members. The first step to resolving conflict is addressing it, and with Nilo J Sanchez & Associates by your side, taking the steps that are available to you will be easier.

Establish Legal Paternity

If legal paternity has not been established and you wish to assert your parental rights, you will need to establish paternity. Once established, a parenting plan (timesharing) will be entered with the courts. Even if you are unmarried and have had access to your child, court ordered timesharing will ensure that the parenting plan is binding. Once you have a court order, this will serve to alleviate some of the high conflict and problems that unmarried parents can encounter and it will enable you to take steps to enforce your timesharing should it be problematic. To learn more about how you can establish legal paternity so you can assert your parental rights, schedule a consultation with Nilo J Sanchez & Associates.

There may be several legal solutions available to you in high conflict child custody situations such as when orders are being ignored. Emergency pick up orders, modification of child custody and timesharing and enforcement and contempt orders. The first step is to schedule a consultation to speak with a Tampa Bay child custody attorney to determine what the best course of action would be in your unique situation.

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Reach Out to Nilo J Sanchez & Associates

If you’re experiencing a child custody matter or if you anticipate that there will be a problem with timesharing this holiday season, call Nilo J Sanchez & Associates for a consultation. Attorney Sanchez offers sound legal solutions and compassionate family law representation to parents with child custody and timesharing matters.