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If you’re in need of a Brandon Divorce attorney and have not found a good fit, consider Nilo J Sanchez and Associates PA Family Law & Divorce Attorneys near Brandon. Attorney Sanchez & Associates are Florida family law attorneys representing clients in Tampa Bay in a variety of family law matters in multiple jurisdictions including Brandon in Hillsborough County, FL.  When you want the best Brandon family law attorney for YOU or an aggressive divorce attorney in Valrico, Riverview or Apollo Beach, consider our Tampa Family Law Firm.  Nilo J Sanchez & Associates is conveniently located in Tampa,  just a short drive from East Tampa and the Brandon area.

At the law firm of Nilo J. Sanchez and Associates, we take pride in  representing clients who are seeking a dissolution of marriage or who are in need of a family law attorney in Brandon in Hillsborough County, Florida. There are many Tampa Bay divorce attorneys to choose from. It is highly beneficial if your family law attorney is experienced in all aspects of Florida Family Law with both negotiation skills and a formidable Tampa Bay family law litigation attorney, should your case go to trial.

Knowledgeable, Experienced, Family Law & Divorce Attorneys Near Brandon, FL

Attorney Nilo J Sanchez and Associates PA Family Law & Divorce Attorneys have over 30 years of experience in Florida Family Law. Whether your case is a high conflict child custody matter, or an amicable divorce, when you’re in need of an experienced uncontested divorce attorney near Brandon or a contested divorce lawyer in Apollo Beach, our focus is to help you navigate though this phase of your life.

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Divorce, Child Custody, Parental Relocation, Child Support

Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates represent clients in a variety of family law related cases in multiple Jurisdictions in Hillsborough County, Florida. Attorney Sanchez is highly qualified to represent clients in high asset or high net worth divorces, alimony or alimony modifications or child custody matters such as parental relocation and time-sharing cases. When you want a top-rated Brandon Florida Child Custody Lawyer look to a our Hillsborough County Family Law Firm for representation.

We understand that your family still matters, even though you are divorcing. Helping you to understand your legal rights and defending those rights is our expertise and our goal.

Representing Divorcing Couples in Brandon, Florida

There are so many scenarios that can occur during a divorce, but basically they are categorized into three types; which are simplified divorcesuncontested divorce and contested divorces. The following differentiates between a simplified divorce, uncontested and contested divorces. Attorney Sanchez represents divorcing couples in Brandon, Valrico and surrounding area, offering sound legal solutions and compassionate counsel. Learn more below or to schedule a consultation, click here.

Simplified Divorce – You may be in agreement with your spouse, you and your spouse have no children and meet other requirements. Both you and your spouse will be considered as petitioners in your divorce case. You will fill out the proper forms for the court’s approval and attend a final hearing to finalize and dissolve your marriage.

Uncontested/Contested Divorce  – You may be in agreement about divorcing your spouse, but the terms need to be worked out. Alternatively, a contested divorce is when you are not in agreement with the terms of the divorce, such as division of assets, child support and child custody. Either way, in most divorce scenarios you will likely need the services of a Brandon Divorce Attorney to represent you and to protect your rights. Attorney Sanchez is proven successful at mediating the terms of divorces, drafting and negotiating marital settlement agreements and is a tenacious divorce litigator when called to task.

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Tax Implications in Florida Divorces – If you are divorcing in Brandon or anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, Attorney Sanchez is well versed in taxation in high net worth and contested divorces in Florida.

Have been unexpectedly served with divorce papers in Brandon, Valrico or Riverview, FL? 

When to Contact a Divorce Attorney in Brandon FL?

If you have been served with divorce papers and you live in the Brandon/ Valrico or Riverview,  it is very important that you follow the instructions on the lawsuit.  You do not have a great amount of time to respond to the lawsuit. Consulting with a family law attorney as soon as possible is highly recommended. We believe that nothing is more important than your family. We’re here to assist and provide legal representation that serve to protect your rights. Call to schedule a consultation with divorce attorney Nilo J. Sanchez. 813-879-4600. Our office is conveniently located to Brandon, Valrico, Riverview and East Tampa.

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Nilo J. Sanchez & Associates represents clients in Multiple Jurisdictions in Tampa Bay including: Tampa, South Tampa, Brandon, Valrico, Riverview, Lutz, Land O Lakes, St. Petersburg, Clearwater & Pasco County, Florida.


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Family Law Services in Brandon, Apollo Beach, Fish Hawk, Valrico

Temporary Relief , Children and Child Support

If your spouse has already left the home, or is not providing for the children, it’s imperative that you contact a Brandon child support attorney.  It is important to understand your rights regarding child support. Without support, you can very easily slip into financial hardships, even if you work. It is likely that you have or will have child care expenses, health insurance and basic everyday expenses and needs to be met.  Florida law states that both parents are to be financially responsible for their children and we want to help you fight for those rights. Contact a Brandon child support lawyer to find out if filing for temporary relief is in your best interest.

Brandon Alimony Attorney on Temporary Relief

If you have married for some time, you may be entitled to alimony. Both men and women can seek alimony in Florida. If you are in a situation where your spouse has left or is not providing for you anymore, you may want to consult with a Brandon divorce lawyer to find out what your options are. Filing for divorce and temporary relief may be an option and in your best interest. Alternatively, you may be concerned over how paying alimony will effect your future and all that you have worked hard for. Our family law firm is skilled to represent a variety of alimony cases, whether you are in need of alimony, or you need to be sure your rights are protected if you’re ordered to pay alimony.

Full Service Family Law Firm Serving Brandon, Valrico, Riverview, FL

Nilo J Sanchez & Associates is a full service Tampa Family Law Firm.  Please browse our website for general answers or information on topics such as; divorce, alimony, legal paternity, child support, child custody, alimony parental rights, timesharing and other matters relating to Florida Family Law. If you have any questions or to schedule a thorough divorce or family law attorney consultation , please call 813-879-4600 today. We offer In-person, Zoom and telephonic family law consultations for your convenience.

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