Resolving Family Law Matters in Tampa Bay without Court Intervention

Family law encompasses many different practice areas. Generally, most family law cases are focused around issues that are related to divorce and children’s issues such as timesharing or “custody.” Within these areas there are financial matters that are often at the root of contention between the parties. Alimony, child support, property division and attorney fees are valid concerns and can keep parties from moving forward.

Divorcing in Tampa Bay Without Going to Trial

If you are contemplating a divorce in Tampa Bay, the unknown of what a Judge may decide in your case can be unsettling at best. Financial burdens that can come with lengthy court battles, particularly in high asset divorces or contested divorces may keep you in a situation that may not be in your best interest. If you are divorcing and being denied your parental rights, you may wonder if there could be a light at the end of the tunnel without court intervention, but there are ways to avoid litigation when you hire a skilled Tampa Family Law Attorney.

The Value of a Skilled Divorce Mediator and Collaboration

Divorce, collaborate, mediator, Tampa BayThere is a way to effectively resolve family law matters without court intervention or “litigation.” Collaborative divorce has been popular so hiring a Tampa divorce and family law attorney who is skilled at mediation, and negotiations can be invaluable. Nilo J Sanchez & Associates has over 30 years of experience practicing Florida Family Law in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco County, FL. Although a formidable divorce litigation attorney, Mr. Sanchez utilizes his negotiation and mediation skills in very high conflict family law matters . This has been proven effective and successful for those he represents. Frequently, Mr. Sanchez’s peers call upon his expertise to help divorcing parties come to mutually acceptable agreements so to avoid the courts having to decide their fates for them. There are never any guarantees in mediation or collaborative divorce and there are times when one party will insist on litigating. However, in the majority of cases, staying out of court is in the best interest of the majority of divorcing couples.

How to Divorce in Tampa Bay without Litigation?

Marital Settlement Agreements – Accomplished through mediation and a typical divorce process or via a collaborative divorce process in that the parties mediate the issues that must be settled by law including:

Settling these matters without court intervention may seem impossible, especially when divorcing couples have high net worth. Although it can be a complex situation, Attorney Sanchez offers the experience, focused legal solutions and sound mediation and negotiation skills that can help even the most unamicable couples find resolve out of the courtroom.

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Settling Timesharing Issues Out of Court Unmarried Parents

If paternity has been established, timesharing will be awarded to the parents who do not agree on a parenting plan. If you are unmarried and are experiencing conflict in a timesharing or custody matter, the thoughts of court intervention can be worrisome. Mediation may be required to settle any conflicts but if mediation fails, litigation will proceed and a judge will have the final say. Matters pertaining to timesharing (custody) can be some of the most challenging to resolve because although the law points to the best interest of the children, litigating these matters can become financially exhaustive and taxing. This is why it is crucial to hire a child custody and timesharing attorney in Tampa Bay who can help you to resolve these matters out of court. Once an order is entered, enforcing orders may be necessary to exercise your parental rights. Modifying orders such as in parental relocation cases can be approached and managed through negotiations and mediation, however these cases frequently go to litigation when one party is opposed or uncooperative.

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