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Divorce and other family law matters often start out amicably, but can quickly turn into high conflict situations. When this occurs, it is crucial that your Tampa family law attorney has the experience required to represent you in a manner that is most beneficial to you. High conflict divorce or family matters generally occur when there are high assets in divorces, paternity issues or child time sharing issues or relocating with a child.  Matters relating to child support can also create conflicts, especially when child support is in arrears.

Hire an Experienced Tampa Family Law Attorney for High Conflict Cases

Experience counts when you are deciding who to hire as a family law attorney. In Tampa Bay, there are many family law firms to choose from but you do want to ensure that your lawyer has experience in mediating, negotiating as well as litigating should your case go to trial. Some family law attorneys are more comfortable litigating, while others are skilled negotiators. Because you never know exactly how a case will progress, your family law attorney should be equally skilled as both a litigator and mediator. Nilo J Sanchez has been practicing family law in Tampa, Florida for over 30 years. Reputable with the clients he has represented, as well as his peers, Attorney Sanchez has worked diligently towards the most beneficial outcomes for his clients and their families for decades. Attorney Sanchez’s experience is especially beneficial when representing clients in high conflict divorce and family law cases as these cases can often times end up in lengthy court battles and litigation. Sometimes, litigation simply cannot be avoided thus, hiring a family law attorney with decades of experience and successful litigation is a wise choice. Keep in mind, that very often the results that a skilled Tampa family law and divorce attorney can obtain through negotiations and mediation ends up being much more beneficial to the client.

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