“Greyson’s Law” Signed into Florida Law

In an effort to safeguard children at risk of parental harm, HB 97 otherwise known as “Greyson’s Law” was passed by legislature and signed by the Governor. 

First introduced and filed in the Florida State Senate and House In 2021, HB 97 was introduced and filed in the House and Senate. The bill was re-filed in 2023 as SB 130/HB 97.

This bill is in response to the tragic death of 4-year-old Greyson Kessler, who was the victim of a murder-suicide involving his father in May 2021. Days prior to the murder, Greyson’s mother, Ali Kessler, filed an emergency petition with Broward Family Court outlining her imminent fears for the safety of her child. In the time leading up to the shooting, Greyson’s father sent multiple disturbing and threatening communications to Ms. Kessler, but Florida law has no formal mechanism that allows for threats directed at a parent to create a nexus with a child. Under this measure, a court must consider whether a parent or child(ren) is in imminent danger or has been the victim of domestic violence, abuse, abandonment or neglect. These factors would also be considered when a court reviews shared parental responsibility and whether any and all of these aspects are detrimental to the child. (Source: https://flsenate.gov/Media/PressReleases/Show/4383)

SB 130/HB 97 Effective July 2023

History of HB97

Overview of HB97

Domestic Violence; Requires court with jurisdiction over dissolution of marriage proceeding to consider factors in deciding whether shared parental responsibility is detrimental to child; provides additional conduct relating to domestic violence which court must consider when ordering parenting plan; provides additional factor court must consider in determining whether petitioner of domestic violence injunction is in imminent danger. amending s.741.30, F.S.; providing an additional factor that the court must consider in determining whether a petitioner of a domestic violence injunction is in imminent danger; conforming a provision to changes made by the act; providing an effective date.

Read: HB97- Full text/PDF

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