Parenting classes required for Florida divorces

Florida Divorces and Parenting Class Requirement

Divorce, parenting classes, Pasco, Hillsborough, PinellasParents filing for divorce in Florida are required to complete parenting class. Florida law requires parents who are divorcing and who have children under the age of 18 to take a parenting class in an effort to educate the parents on how to minimize the collateral damage  to children. Parental conflict, especially in lengthy and high conflict divorce and child custody cases can be detrimental to the best interest of the children, and can affect them  economically, emotionally, and educationally. The purpose is to help parents realize those effects and to provide the tools and resources to avoid potential long and short term effects of divorce.

Florida Statutes 61.21 (b) states:

Parents are more likely to consider the best interests of their children when determining parental arrangements if courts provide families with information regarding the process by which courts make decisions on issues affecting their children and suggestions as to how parents may ease the coming adjustments in family structure for their children. (Source: Online Sunshine Florida Statutes)

Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course

All parties to a dissolution of marriage proceeding with minor children or a paternity action  that involves issues of parental responsibility shall be required to complete the Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course prior to the entry by the court of a final judgment. The court may excuse a party from attending the parenting course, or from completing the course within the required time, for good cause. (Source Online Sunshine The 2015 Florida Statutes)

*It is important that you adhere to the requirements of attendance of the court ordered parenting classes. Failing to do this may result in being held in contempt. If you are wishing to file for divorce in Tampa Bay, contact divorce lawyer Nilo J Sanchez & Associates for a consultation. Hiring an experienced family law attorney in Tampa who can represent you in divorce, paternity and child custody cases can be beneficial to the outcome of your case.

It’s Important that your Tampa Family Law Attorney is Thorough

Lengthy divorce proceedings, especially in high conflict divorce cases can be hard on the family as whole, but particularly the children. Most couples just want their divorces finalized as quickly as possible. But, due to the high number of cases, laws regarding discovery and absence of successful mediation, some cases can take some time. It’s important that your divorce lawyer is thorough to avoid future litigation, which can result in additional stress on your children. Remember, once your final judgment is signed by a family court judge in the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court or in the Sixth Judicial Circuit of Pinellas or Pasco County, you must have proof of substantial and permanent changes in circumstances to obtain modifications in the following areas:

Child Support Modifications

Time Sharing Modifications

Alimony Modifications

Hiring an experienced Tampa family law attorney who has decades of experience and knowledge of the Florida Family Law Statutes can provide you with an honest evaluation of your case. It is always beneficial in the long term to make sure that your final judgment is clear and concise to avoid any future needs to modify. If you have had substantial and permanent changes since your final judgment has been entered, call Nilo J Sanchez & Associates for a consultation.