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When celebrity couples in Tampa Bay divorce, including professional athletes or high profile CEOS, great care must be taken to ensure that you are being represented by competent and experienced family law attorneys.  If you’re looking for legal counsel or representation and you need a seasoned divorce and family law attorney for pro-athletes or professionals with high assets, consider our law firm. Conveniently located in Tampa, Florida, our firm represents high net worth clientele in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco County, Florida.



Extensive Assets Must be Protected

Assets involved in these particular types of high asset divorce settlements can be extensive. They can include; stocks, bonds, Pro-athlete, CEO divorce lawyers Tampa FL retirement accounts, vacation properties, real estate investments, business ventures, intellectual property, as well as art or music collections and other investments such as vehicles and boats.

In Florida, equitable distribution is standard in any contested divorce with exceptions to unequal distribution of assets (separate property.)  Ex-spouses of high net worth individuals are frequently entitled to at least 50% of EVERYTHING in several states, Florida included. This alone makes it imperative to hire a Tampa high asset divorce attorney for pro-athletes and other professionals with high net worth to protect your rights. and to ensure that your assets are protected in accordance with all aspects of Florida law.

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Equitable Distribution & High Net Worth Divorces

In Florida, the courts use equitable distribution when deciding how marital assets will be divided. This means that assets and earnings acquired throughout the marriage should be divided fairly. This however, does not necessarily mean an equal division of assets between partners. For instance, a judge can order one party to use “separate property” to make the settlement fair for both spouses. It will be up to your attorney to ensure that there is a forensic accounting of all assets, with a determination of whether the asset are separate property or not.

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What Not to Do in High Asset Divorce

High profile and high net worth individuals who are divorcing may take improper steps to hide, protect or sell assets. This can lead to a variety of serious legal consequences, even after the final judgement is entered. The very best way to a fair settlement in a high net worth or celebrity divorce is through the forensic accounting of all assets. Through collaboration, mediation, negotiations and if required, aggressive litigation, Attorney Nilo J Sanchez will work towards a successfully negotiated divorce settlement.


How to Avoid a High Conflict Divorce with Pre-Nuptial Agreements

With a divorce rate of over 60% (60 to 80 percent) for pro-athletes one step you can take to avoid a high conflict divorce
Divorce attorneys pro-athletes, CEOS Tampa Bay is to consider a pre-nuptial agreement. Although some may be put off by this, a well drafted prenuptial contract can serve to make both parties feel more confident and secure entering into a marriage contract with one another. Protecting your business and your assets with a well drafted pre-nuptial agreement will be a failsafe in case something happens and your marriage ends in divorce. Keep in mind, not all pre-nuptials are created equal and it is imperative that it is drafted properly. Alternatively, post nuptial agreements are also legal in Florida so, if you didn’t enter into a post nuptial with your current spouse, it is not too late to do so.






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For over 30 years, Attorney Sanchez has represented high net worth business owners, pro-athletes and other high net worth individuals in a variety of divorce and family law matters. Dividing assets is not the only thing that must be settled if you are divorcing with minor children or when alimony will be factored in. The parental rights of high net worth individuals who are divorcing or who are unmarried with minor children must also be aggressively represented and defended. Nilo J Sanchez & Associates are skilled, top-rated Tampa Child Custody Attorneys offering discrete, professional and aggressive family law representation.





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