Divorcing in Tampa Bay, Don’t Forget Self Care.

The divorce attorneys at our Family Law Firm understand that the emotional stress that divorcing can create is something everyone should take seriously. We also play a part in our clients’ overall wellbeing and approach everyone from a place of compassion. We may not have the ability to help you heal, but we can offer some tips for wellbeing while your case is being resolved. Most importantly, we are committed to providing legal services and representation that will instill trust, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in competent hands.


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Struggling with Your Feelings During a Divorce

If you’re having difficulty managing your emotions or thoughts, it helps to discuss your feelings with someone who you can trust. This could be a friend or family member or you may also consider reaching out to a counselor. When divorcing, it is very normal to feel sad, angry, exhausted, frustrated and confused—and these feelings can be intense.


Feeling Anxious About the Future

This is an area that we want to focus on. Every divorce is unique. If the financial aspect of your divorce is weighing heavy on you we understand.  With over 30 years of experience as divorce lawyers in Tampa Bay, we will take the steps that are necessary to ensure a safe, secure present and future. If you’re concerned about alimony, child support , or what will happen to your marital home, these are areas that have solutions. You may be able to obtain temporary relief while your divorce is being settled such as;

It is our job to provide you with sound solutions that can help to ease your mind. If you’re experiencing an “elder or gray divorce” you may be wondering about your retirement. Younger divorcing couples with minor children may have different concerns, both financial and with regards to child custody. There is no doubt that in any contested divorce, the financial aspects can feel daunting. Add to that high assets and emotions over child custody and timesharing and even the most amicable person may become over-stressed. To reiterate, these are normal feelings when you are going through a divorce!

Keeping your emotional health in check will be highly beneficial as you move towards resolve. Our divorce attorneys offer the experience you need and a tenacity that ensures the best possible outcome. Rest assured, we act in our client’s best interests and will fight diligently to put your mind at ease.

Things are Going to Change

“Give yourself permission to pay attention to your own needs and be kind to yourself. You may not be able to be quite as productive on the job or care for others in exactly the way you’re accustomed to for a little while.”

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  • Sharing your feelings with friends and family can help you get through this
    period. Do get outside help if you need it. Spend time with friends who love
    and support your wellbeing.
  • Take time out to exercise, eat well and relax.
  • Keep to your normal routines as much as possible.
  • Try to avoid making major decisions or changes in life plans.
  • Avoid relying on alcohol, drugs or cigarettes as a way to cope.
  • Avoid arguments with your spouse or former spouse for your own mental wellbeing.
  • Participate in things you enjoy doing apart from what you did with your spouse
  • Sign up for a class, invest time in your hobbies, and take time to enjoy life and make new friends

Things may not be the same, but finding new activities and friends, and
moving forward with reasonable expectations will make this transition easier.

Caring for Children & Divorce

The best interest of the children. This is the common theme with divorcing couples, their divorce lawyers and the courts. There may be parental relocation factors, long distant parenting plans and other matters that may put the spotlight on their best interests.   It is important to try to keep your children’s daily routines as familiar and stable as possible. This will be beneficial to you, as well as them. Although we know that there can be conflict and situations that may prevent it, such as when domestic violence is a factor, being present can be a small routine that can help. Other things to keep in mind when considering the children of divorce;

  • If children are involved, make certain your children know that your divorce is
    not their fault
  • Listen to them and do your best to ease their concerns
  •  Be compassionate; however, direct in your age appropriate responses to them
  • Make and keep promises which are realistic to your children
  • Be flexible. If you have children, family traditions will still be important but
    some of them may need to be adjusted
  • Creating new family activities is a positive step forward that eventually becomes the new beautiful traditional norm!
  • Remind yourself life will get back to a new normal[ct_spacer height=”30″]
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