The Roll of Parenting Coordinators in Custody/Timesharing Matters in Tampa Family Law

Whether you are divorcing with minor children or you are unmarried with minor children, timesharing and custody issues may be problematic. High conflicts between parents often trickle down to effect the minor children. Sadly, even when things start out amicably, there are numerous factors including high emotions, financial matters and outside influences that can turn an amicable situation into a high conflict situation. First and foremost, your Tampa divorce and family law attorney should be highly skilled in mediating all matters that may be contributing to the high conflict. When indicated, a parenting coordinator may be appointed by the courts to mitigate unresolved problems.

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As a Tampa child custody and timesharing attorney with over 30 years of experience working with parents who have high conflict, Nilo J. Sanchez relies on his skill to defuse high conflict custody and timesharing matters. But, when it is necessary, or if one party insists on it, a parenting coordinator can be appointed. Parenting coordinators are sometimes used to de-escalate tensions and to establish boundaries between the parents. The goal is to provide solutions aimed towards ensuring the best interest of the minor children. Tampa family law attorney, Nilo J Sanchez can be an invaluable in divorce, timesharing and high conflict child custody cases. Respected and highly recommended by his industry peers, Attorney Sanchez has helped to resolve matters that can lead to the courts appointing a parental coordinator.

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Florida custody, parental coordinatorsWhat is a Parenting Coordinator’s Goal?

  • A parenting coordinator helps parents establish an agreeable timesharing plan while mitigating conflict
  • Parenting coordinators help parents to implement parenting plans
  • Coordinators monitor the progress of both the parents and children and report the progress or lack of progress to the courts
  • When conflicts are very severe, a parenting coordinator can help to ensure that the children’s health, safety and emotional well-being are brought to the attention of the courts for resolve
  • Coordinators are expected to be child-focused to ensure that the best interests of the children prevail
  • Are Florida Parenting Coordinators Lawyers or Psychologists?
  • A parenting coordinator in Florida must have the qualifications that are indicated in Section 61.125 of the Florida Statutes.
  • Parenting coordinators do not have to be lawyers but can qualify if certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a family law mediator, with at least a master’s degree in a mental health field.
  • They must be in good standing with the Florida Bar.
  • Coordinators can also qualify if they are a licensed mental health provider in the appropriate practice area (Neurology and Psychiatry)
  • More information: Qualifications of a Florida Parenting Coordinator

    Do I have to Consent to a Parenting Coordinator?

    If parties cannot agree on a parenting plan, and there is high conflict, it is important that you hire a Tampa Bay family law attorney who is a skilled mediator and has experience in timesharing and child custody cases. This can help you to avoid having to use a parenting coordinator or Guardian ad Litem. However, if the other party insists, generally one will be appointed by the courts with exceptions.

    Parenting Coordinators and Domestic Violence Tampa Bay

    Sadly, domestic violence knows no socio-economic boundaries. Domestic violence must be addressed with the appropriate agencies and with your attorney. If you or your children have been victims of domestic violence, contact Tampa Bay child custody and family law attorney Nilo J Sanchez & Associates for a consultation. There are specific laws with regards to Parenting Coordinators and domestic violence that must be considered and giving consent may not be indicated. If in the case of an ongoing divorce or timesharing and child custody matter, domestic violence occurs, our attorneys will advise and address your unique circumstances in accordance with Florida Law.

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